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How Fears of Not Enough and Being Judged Dim Our Creative Light

Are you letting your light shine, beloveds?

I recently had a conversation with a very talented woman in performing arts. She was presented with an opportunity to showcase her brilliance and immediately decided to bring other performers into the experience, thinking what she had to offer was not enough.

I feel like this is an epidemic of a modern society where many of us are reluctant to embrace our creativity, expose our talents, and freely offer our godly gifts to the world. We women more than men shy away from our own authentic expression out of fear being judged and there is a deeply rooted reason for this.

Women’s power was suppressed for so many centuries and generations that we neglect to question how this fear is serving our life or why it is even there. We would rather burry our head in a sand than be on a spotlight. We would rather submit to societal expectations of what a “good girl” should do, act, and say than unleash our wild side. We would rather keep quiet to avoid conflict rather than express how we truly feel or stand up for our values. We would rather put our heartfelt dreams on a shelf to collect dust than go after what we desire at the core of our being.

Why? Because most of us at some point in our life experienced an overwhelming pain of feeling not good enough, not worthy enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, and the list of NOT ENOUGH goes on and on… and this is where the fear of being judged resides. It is a paralyzing fear that brings on shame, panic, and anxiety. The fear is an internal parasite that keeps eating our heart, mind, and soul from inside out.

I am here to tell you that not even you are worthy but you hold incredible gifts of creativity as a woman that this world desperately needs to heal, you are a magnificent being, soft and strong, nurturing and powerful, loving and fierce, sensual and resilient. There would be no need to suppress your power if the patriarchy thought you were weak and unworthy.

It is time to own your power. It is time to let your light shine without waiting for anyone’s permission or validation. It is time to push through your fears to allow your uncertainty and brilliance coexist together.

I was a woman once who struggled with feelings of unworthiness and not enough. Even now, after deep, spiritual work, the feelings of self-doubt still creep up on me from time to time. The question I ask myself when it happens is how many hearts of women will not be healed if I allow this fear to win?

Here is an empowering quote for you from one of my favorite inspirational speakers Lisa Nichols:

“It is time to stop asking for permission and just give the world notice that you are coming, that you’ve been here, give the world notice that you played polite long enough, give the world notice that unapologetic just showed up, give the world notice that non-negotiable just showed up, give the world notice that you are no longer going to dim your light and if they can’t handle your light, let them put on some shades!”

Shine on, beautiful souls! Shine on!
Irina Devi

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