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Dying Into Self-Love & 2020 Farewell (women weekend retreat)


November 13 - 03:00 pm


November 15 - 02:00 pm

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Irina Devi


Menla Mt. Retreat

375 Pantherkill Road, Phoenicia, NY 12464

Phoenicia, NY, US, 12464

Women weekend transformational retreat in traditions of spiritual, Taoist, Native American, and Devine feminine teachings.

Beloved woman, are you ready to embrace your feminine transformation and leave behind what is no longer true to your heart and spirit?

While the world is undergoing a major transformation and we are asked to spend more time in isolation from each other, we learn to be with ourselves, to discover what is beyond fear, to ignite the fire of our inner light so we can reconnect with deep love for self, others, and humanity. It takes courage to say a full YES to your life despite tremendous collective fears and I invite you to join hands with other amazing women in this devotional retreat to self-love because when women get together, magic happens.

For this retreat, we will honor goddess Kali, the most mysterious, most misunderstood, and yet one of the most powerful deities in Hindu & Tantric spiritual teachings. She is life and death, warrior and lover, light and dark, fire and air. Kali is the heart of the feminine empowerment, counterpart of the masculine lord Shiva of pure infinite consciousness. Kali is the giver of the highest transformation and self-realization. She brings peace into chaos and destroys darkness. Kali teaches us that what is true in our heart, can never die.


All women temple practices are in traditions of spiritual, Taoist, Native American, and Devine feminine teachings. Activities include: yoga, dance and movement, guided meditations, emotional release and feminine embodiment practices, aromatherapy, connecting with others, journaling, and more. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR TRAINING NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE.

For program schedule, pricing, and registrations follow the link HERE

Car pool and transportation options are available.

*We are limited to 13 participants due to COVID restrictions and groups gatherings guidelines. Space is extremely limited. Please contact me if you want more information or have questions I will be happy to schedule a call with you (no obligation to join).

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