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Women Socials & Networking

Come play with us on a dusk of lights. At a rooftop garden filled with other faeries and conversations that delight. Strut your pastels and florals while the sun shines bright. We welcome your open hearts and some faery bites!

Share your MAGIC with us at La Femme Rose Socials whether you are looking for business networking, clients, friends, or simply want to be surrounded by laughter and joy.

What makes our social different? Heart centered networking. We believe in filling the space with loving energy that allows for meaningful connections to happen. Find great opportunities for collaboration, support, and community, enjoy potluck meals, showcase your gifts to the world, and walk away with one one of our amazing raffle prizes!


Not able to attend live events but still want to connect with supportive conscious women network? Join our online group La Femme Rose Conscious Women Community for access to inspirational talks, virtual circles, empowering posts, intuitive readings, networking, and a safe space to express yourself.

The group is a great way to stay connected no matter where you are in the world and you are encouraged to share your thoughts, struggles, joys, acts of kindness, spirituality, humor, sexuality, stories, vulnerability, ask for advice, engage in discussions, and anything that sends high vibrations into the universe. We need peace and more happy people walking around, spreading LOVE!

Inspiration behind the group name

“La femme” is a French word for a woman, feminine nature. Rose is a connection to the Golden Mean and the sacred geometry of the heart, pattern of the Venus around the Earth, The Temples of Isis, The Essenes, The Sufi’s, The Mary lineage, beauty of the goddess in its’ form, and the Book of Love. The Rose carries powerful codes and messages, its’ essential oil has the highest energetic frequency.