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Category Archives: Fragrant Wellness

The Sacred Union: Feminine and Masculine Within You

All of us have masculine and feminine polarities, yin and yang, left and right brain, creative and logical aspects of our personality but how many of us are aware of how they show up in our life and relationships? See, […]

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Feminine Empowerment and Stepping Out of the “Norm” (podcast link included)

Imagine a world where…
Women celebrate each other.
Women celebrate themselves for their accomplishments.
Instead of judging feminine as weak, women celebrate the divinity of their feminine essence.
Instead of isolating and feeling alone, women have a strong sense of belonging and celebrate the […]

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Set Yourself Free from the Opinion of Others

I always wonder why many of us give so much power to the opinion of others and why do others get to decide how we should be, speak, feel, or act?

The truth is so subjective and there is no […]

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Reclaiming the Power of Female Sexuality

I just finished writing a paper for one of my Marriage and Family Therapy courses on how cultural perceptions throughout history on female sexuality led to women’s inadequate self-concept, resistance to sex-education, fear of shaming for engaging in sexual behaviors, […]

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Got Fleas?

Here is me and my dog Charlotte at the Hudson River Park enjoying a nice Autumn day! Charlotte is a huge fan of nature and grass is truly the next best thing to her after a peanut butter bone! She […]

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Fun Boost and Soothe Your Outdoor Workout Routines With Essential Oils!

For many of us, summer time is not the time to be stuck in a cold air-conditioned gym. Outside workouts are healthy and fun! Did you know that essential oils can enhance and ease your outdoor workout routine? You most […]

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De-Stress at Work with Essential Oils

When you’re stressed at work and have no immediate access to spa services, why not stop and smell the flowers?  Aromatherapy is by far one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to relax the mind and uplift the […]

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Bon Voyage! 3 Must Have Essentials For Your Travels!

Ready, pack, go! Summer is a perfect season for travel whether you are taking a short road trip or boarding a plane to visit far away places. There is something about the warm weather that inspires us to explore new […]

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