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Feminine Empowerment and Stepping Out of the “Norm” (podcast link included)

Imagine a world where…


Women celebrate each other.


Women celebrate themselves for their accomplishments.


Instead of judging feminine as weak, women celebrate the divinity of their feminine essence.


Instead of isolating and feeling alone, women have a strong sense of belonging and celebrate the power of sisterhood.


Both humanity and our great Mother Earth have been hurting for some time now. The world needs women to reclaim our feminine power through self-healing and peeling off age-old layers of shame and conditioning. It takes courage to step out of the “norm” and it can feel like a lonely journey at first but healing the relationship with our own heart and our sacred temple (woman’s body) is where the path of empowerment begins.


I was recently invited to be a guest speaker on the renowned A Better World TV & Radio podcast with Mitchell J. Rabin and I would like to share this dialogue with you in hopes that it inspires you to embrace your overflowing magnificence as a woman.


Here is what you in for, dear sister:


  • My “wounded healer” archetype and how being broken-open through personal suffering led me to my life’s true purpose
  • What it means being an empowered woman and leading from the heart
  • Connection between being in service to the planet and fully embracing oneself as a woman
  • Reaching down to excavate deeply rooted feelings of shame to heal the relationship with our own body through feminine practices
  • Dancing the dance of feminine and masculine harmony without the urge to overpower one another
  • My definition of empowerment: being both vulnerable and strong; allowing our brilliance and confusion to co-exist while we embrace them both
  • Three essential ingredients of “La Femme Rose” women group: Inspiration, Empowerment, and Community and why it all matters
  • Power of listening and holding space for each other
  • Awakened woman and four simple daily practices that immediately reconnect you to your heart and body



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