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Sacred Rituals

Before the Practice: Physical and Energetic Cleansing

If you can, start by cleansing your crystal over-night in a bowl of natural sea salt. It’s best if it can be a full 24-hours as this will recalibrate the crystal from it’s travels to you. Consider looking at the crystal in the direct sunlight as well, this is a wonderful way to first ‘meet’ your Yoni Crystal. Consider the bowl of salt a wonderful cleansing method, be sure to compost used salt by giv-ing it back to the earth and do not use.

For before your practice use the following steps:

  1. Clean your crystal with warm running water and natural soap, making sure to clean the entire surface.
  2. While rinsing, envision the crystal glowing with love and returning to its purest energetic state, as if still resting, untouched, in the earth.
  3. Imagine golden light filling and cleansing the space where you will have your Yoni Crystal practice.

Yoni Crystals Ritual – Set Your Intention

This can be anything you desire. Do you want to call anything new into your life or clear out something old?

Give yourself enough time to understand what you want to gain from the practice. You have been called to this ancient-future ritual, allow this time to be a ceremony for you, your yoni and your sacred heart.

Create a private, safe and uninterrupted space for 20-60 minutes to explore your body’s capacity for healing and pleasure.

From your heart, send your intention to your crystal. Feel and see your intention set within the crystal and radiate back towards you. This is where keeping focus on your intention as you continue your practice is key. It is in the merging of your intention into the crystal in combination with the life giving portal, your womb space. Notice what is there. Perhaps you feel open and free, maybe you feel contracted and not connected. Allow whatever emotions are present to run their course, not attaching to them just being present.

Place your crystal near the opening of your vagina. Continue opening your heart and beginning breathing with your womb.