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Self-Care Courses

Online Course: Fragrance of Self Discovery

Perhaps you are here because you’ve read about benefits of an aromatherapy in your favorite wellness online magazine and got all excited about it, or your yoga teacher used it in class, or your friend told you about these magical scents that helped her/him attain a state of total relaxation. And now you are curious, you want to understand how to practice it effectively and get a slice of that magic for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

You came to the right place…

Are you ready to learn the magic of Aromatherapy, powerful Personal Growth tools, and to make your physical and emotional health a priority?

Let me begin by emphasizing how this online course is very different from any other aromatherapy courses offered online or elsewhere. This course was developed with the focus on your uniqueness, personal journey, self-love, and self-care. Besides traditional aromatherapy knowledge of therapeutic qualities of essential oils, blending factors and safety guidelines covered by traditional aromatherapy programs, it offers opportunities to create your own personalized products that are tailored specifically to who you are as a human being, which includes your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being:
  • Learn tools necessary to create a healthier living environment and lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Practice aromatherapy as a holistic healing art that your clients and/or patients will love (either as a single modality or as an added benefit to your existing practice).
  • Learn effective emotional release techniques to achieve greater satisfaction and happiness in life through research proven methods of cognitive and behavioral psychology, personal development, aromatherapy, and positive affirmations, tailored to create life lasting shifts in thoughts and perceptions.
  • Save plenty of your hard earned money by mastering the skill of creating products with only a small amount of essential oil, aligned with your scent preferences and health goals.
  • Integrate chakra toning and Sun sign astrology as driving forces of your spiritual expansion.
  • Enjoy valuable BONUS aromatherapy and personal development content related Ayurvedic wisdom, powerful NLP techniques, and sacred ancient rituals that you can do at home.

AND I have included my Aromas of Love and Intimacy audio series (see below) as an additional content to show you how to connect to your partner on a deeper level, practice self-love, use aromatherapy in a sensual play, and attract love into your life!


for Fragrance of Self-Discovery

Audio Series: Aromas of Love and Intimacy

Have better loving relationships with this 5-part series introducing powerful sensory techniques and aromatherapy application methods. Understand your feelings and emotions in relevance to romantic connections and sexuality, all integrated with human senses and invigorating essential oils of aphrodisiac properties!

Bonus downloads (PDF): Beauty Secrets of Queen Cleopatra for you goddess self-care rituals, Sensual Activation Scents with Essential Oils recipes for creating your own sexy scents, Aromas of Love and Intimacy (PP)

Aromas of Love and Intimacy (Synapsis):

Sexual Desire & Physical Body

This lesson covers the importance of our physical body functions an sexual health. Topics include: benefits of sex, causes of low sex drive, solutions for increasing libido and putting the desire back into your sex life naturally, herbal supplements that boost libido and improve circulation and sensation in genitalia.

Feelings, Emotions, & Essential Oils

This lesson explores human feelings and emotions in relevance to romantic connections and sexuality. It expands an understanding of positive vs. negative emotions, emotional release, and creating shifts in our emotional body with essential oils. Topics covered: olfactory and limbic system, how essential oils affect feelings, electromagnetic frequencies, disease vs. dis-ease, and reality of a broken heart.

Human senses, Sensuality, & Aromatic Fragrances

This lesson explores a powerful relationship between human senses and sensuality, exploring some basic tantric principals of sexual energy, masculine and feminine polarities, and negative conditioning of shame around sexuality. Topics covered: power of the sense of smell and its’ connection to sensuality, sexual energy, aromatic fragrances of love.

Essences of Love & Intimacy

This lesson focuses on uses, application methods, and aphrodisiac properties of four most popular essential oils for love and Intimacy: Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, and Geranium.

Sensual Play

This lesson introduces powerful sensory techniques for setting up sensual space while integrating your senses and the five elements for emotional balance and ultimate pleasure. Topics: intimate connection, clearing the space, and sensory intimacy ritual for self-pleasure or with a partner.


for Aromas of Love and Intimacy

Online course: Jade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg

Jade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg is designed to open you up to your own feminine essence while cultivating a positive relationship with your body and your intimate partner. With numerous benefits for emotional, physical, hormonal, and spiritual well-being, this mini-course will take you on a blissful inner journey of self-love and pleasure.

What is Yoni Egg practice?

Jade yoni egg practice is one of the most beautiful, healing, and powerful feminine embodiment exercises with multiple benefits for woman’s physical, emotional, sexual, and energetic well-being. The practice originated from ancient Chinese teachings of Taoism that were only available to the Chinese royalty because of the powerful effects on one’s sexuality and spirituality.

In our society, jade egg practices are becoming more and more acceptable among women of all ages and have gained a lot of popularity ever since Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting it publicly on her website. Many OBGYN doctors around the globe now recommend yoni egg practice to their women patients.

Here are some potential benefits

  • strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles
  • helps cultivate sexual energy
  • amplifies libido and orgasms
  • balances hormones and menstrual cycle
  • stimulates key reflexology around vaginal walls to improve internal organs health
  • increases control of the whole perineum and bladder
  • develops and clears chi pathways in the body
  • clears energetic fields from past lovers and traumas
  • alleviates menopause and post-pregnancy transitions.

In this unique healing & pleasure experience

  • exercises for cultivating reproductive organs vitality
  • nourishing breast and self-massage
  • Taoist yoni egg practices, protocols, relaxation and breathing exercises
  • meditations for activating the Devine feminine
  • energetic and emotional clearing exercises

Join me, beloved woman, on this sacred feminine journey of self-love, pleasure, and healing. It is through owning and healing our sexuality that we birth a new paradigm in ourselves, our intimate relationships, and the world.

Through sexuality, we awaken our power, our love, and our freedom…

Bonus Content

Connecting to the Devine Feminine through movement, rituals, yoni crystals, pleasure, and self-care routines (videos & PDFs)


for Jade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg

Who am I, and why should I be your Aromatherapy & Self-Discovery Teacher?

Irina Devi

Founder of Fragrant Wellness, Holistic Certified Aromatherapist, Love & Intimacy Counselor, Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Women’s Wellness Consultant, GROOVE Facilitato

Practice: I offer private consultations and group teachings in supporting mind and body with therapeutic grade essential oils, movement, meditation, breathing techniques, and feminine embodiment practices to sustain overall joy and vitality. Highly trained in Taoist and ancient healing arts, aromatherapy, and GROOVE movement, my work has evolved into unique, holistic, and individualized approach to women’s emotional and physical wellbeing during lifespan stages, including pregnancy and menopause. Mother of one, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and presently completing a Master’s program for licensing in Family and Couple Therapy, I live and work in Manhattan, New York where I had founded my Fragrant Wellness practice. I organize classes and monthly women temples in New York as well as women retreats around the world.

“I believe in wellness, purpose, self-love, personal growth, and inspiring others to dive deeper into the wisdom of their own heart, to connect to the body while nourishing the mind, and to live authentically in alignment with life’s natural flow.” Irina Devi 

Aromatherapy: I have a successful history working with individual clients integrating my own knowledge with advanced bio-feedback technology to develop personalized wellness plans to help my clients achieve their ultimate health and wellness goals.  Personalized plans include therapeutic grade essential oils, customized products for overall well-being, self-care practices, motivational mantras, emotional shift practices, and lifestyle changes.

In professional Spa & Wellness industry, I train bodywork professionals and estheticians on proper uses and applications of essential oils in wellness rituals, massages, facials, and other spa treatments.

Love & Intimacy: Another area of my expertise is love & intimacy with focus on human potential, self-love, personal development, heart centered living, and transforming “difficult” communication patterns into harmonious ones. I walk my clients through the steps of self discovery, guide them in tapping deeper into the heart’s longings and desires to honor all emotions while effectively expressing and communicating feelings, consequently building sustainable, meaningful, loving, and healthy relationship with self and others.

Healing Arts Training: I have traveled the world learning from Taoist Master Mantak Chia, Mayan Shamans, New York Institute of Aromatherapy Founder Amy Galper, The World GROOVE Movement Founder Misty Tripoli, and Priestess School Founder Sofia Sundari.

Professional Accomplishments: I developed two online courses: Fragrance of Self Discovery and Aromas of Love & Intimacy, presented self-care techniques to doctors, wellness practitioners, corporate America, public education teachers and social emotional counselors, facilitated empowering women temples & feminine immersion retreats, GROOVE movement classes, and conducted intimacy workshops at retreats. My other accomplishments include Marie Clair professional publications, TV talk show appearances, numerous speaking engagements at health and wellness fairs, and being featured as a keynote speaker at the Harvard University National Symposium for the Holistic Arts.

Personal Journey: I have done a ton of emotional healing on myself (even though I never thought I needed any). I opened up to forgiveness, having more fulfilling relationships with people in my life, peeling layers of conditioning and masks of inauthenticity, which I never thought was possible. I am convinced that my personal journey led me to step fully into my power both as a woman and a human being and unlocked my full potential that I needed to start living fully, manifesting the life of my dreams.

I pledge my life to serving humanity and my path is clear. I have no doubts or hesitation about my purpose in life and because of that I know one thing for sure:

 You can have the life you desire and step into your full human potential by accepting and loving yourself first and I would love to show you HOW….