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Yoni Egg Circle

Imagine being a part of something sacredly feminine, ancient, and beautiful. Imagine dropping into your body (your sacred temple) and connecting with the core of your creativity, intuition, and expression in a safe space with other women devoted to self-love, breathing together, disconnecting from everyday drama, and uniting in our love for the Devine.

Join me, beloved woman, on this journey of self-love and pleasure. It is through owning and healing our sexuality that we birth a new paradigm in our intimate relationships and ourselves.

My bi-weekly program offers participants an opportunity to experience ancient Taoist practices of internal organs health, emotional transformation, trauma healing, mind-body-soul connection, and sexual energy cultivation.

Come to this unique circle to:

  • Cultivate feelings of self-love and self-worth
  • Awaken and fall in love with your feminine
  • Develop appreciation for your body as a sacred temple
  • Heal physical & emotional trauma stored in the womb
  • Learn nourishing breast and self-massage
  • Tap into your powerful feminine energy of creation
  • Experience relaxation and breathing exercises for energetic and emotional clearing.

Some health and wellness benefits reported by participants:

  • Yoni strength & pelvic floor muscle control
  • Supports body and Yoni with post-birth recovery
  • Alleviates PMS, menstrual cramps, or menopause transitions
  • Enjoyment and more powerful orgasms
  • Improvement in overall energy level, sleep cycle, wellbeing, and reduce stress

What you need to know:

Circles take place bi-weekly (follow the link bellow for schedule)

Yoni Eggs are not included and if you do not have your own, you can purchase it on my website HERE

ENROLL HERE (link is coming soon)