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Shine from Within Coaching 1:1

My “Shine from Within” 1:1 coaching is a deep dive 60-minute video call or live session where we:

  • Explore the underlying energetics, emotions, and belief systems connected to a pattern, challenge, or relationship dynamic that you want to shift or transform in your life.
  • Create a safe space for making the unconscious conscious by identifying blocks or resistances that impede the flow of aligned abundance and pleasurable fulfillment into your life.
  • Navigate to the heart of where key shifts in your awareness can liberate you from patterns of relating to SELF and others rooted in shame, trauma, or some form of self-abandonment.

At the end of each session, you receive a combination of emotional, energetic, and/or inter-relational practices to support you in integrating the session and making tangible shifts in your life and/or relationships. 

Does this sound like something that is meant for you?

I invite you to schedule 30 min. FREE Heart Connection call with me (pressure free) to learn more about my coaching and decide whether it speaks to your soul.