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Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Essence

I just finished writing a paper for one of my Marriage and Family Therapy courses on how cultural perceptions throughout history on female sexuality led to women’s inadequate self-concept, resistance to sex-education, fear of shaming for engaging in sexual behaviors, […]

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When Personal Boundaries Get Blurry

It is so natural and fundamental for us as human beings to seek genuine connections with others, to enrich our lives with harmonious relationships and friendships. Sometimes, however, things get complicated or unpleasant when we feel that our personal boundaries […]

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When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

I have been grappling with a dilemma of relationships…
Primarily, how do we decide which relationships are worth keeping, rebuilding, forgiving, investing in and which ones do we let go of no matter how difficult and painful the process might be?
As […]

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What Is Your Frequency?

Hmmm…a somewhat awkward question to ask someone especially if you just met them. It goes beyond typical get to know dialogue and in a dating world, this question most likely would end up in “How to get out of a […]

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What Is Lurking In Your Bathroom?

Being an educated consumer has many health advantages, which includes being able to identify harmful ingredients on product labels. For instance, do you know what’s in your soap? Toothpaste? Deodorant? A growing list of personal care products are being advertised […]

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Sweet Surrender To All There Is

I knew the meaning of the word and I understood the concept behind it through spiritual teachings. Even in my own life, I practiced surrendering control over external world and life circumstances, trusting that the universe has my back and […]

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Sweet Sensation Beauty Mask

Considered an aphrodisiac by some, chocolate is no stranger to Valentine’s Day. After you had your share this month, why not indulge in this beauty treatment that is both hormone stimulating and antioxidant? Steps:
1. Mix coconut oil (liquid form) and […]

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Revealing the Beauty Within (Women Only Retreat)

Beautiful woman,
Have you ever wondered what your true feminine potential holds emotionally, sensually, creatively? Beyond your personal story, past experiences, everyday hustle and bustle, careers, relationships, you are an extraordinary energetic Being with an innate blueprint for blissful existence.
Beautiful Private […]

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Plant Your Dreams…It’s Time!

Happy Spring Equinox and official first day of Spring!

Looks like a blossoming Spring is taking it’s precious time to arrive (at least here in NYC). We are about to endure yet another snow storm while mother nature is propelling to […]

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Love Beyond Boundaries

Recently, I posted an intriguing and very unpopular question on Facebook: “Polyamory or monogamy? Give me your best why”

It was quite interesting to see how folks reacted to the question. Some were courageous to express their point of view while […]

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