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What Are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

What are Therapeutic
Grade Essential Oils?

Essential oils of therapeutic quality are concentrated plant essences won by steam distillation according to the old Egyptian technique used by Isis priestesses as well as in case of some oils, being cold pressed. The complete spectrum of the plant’s effects is preserved in this way, and depending on plant species, the concentration of the oil is 100 to 2000 times as strong as naturally in the plant. Thus, therapeutic grade essential oils can have a strong effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. There are three grades of quality, which is not always well defined:

(1) fragrance oils (perfume oils)

(2) commercial essential oils 

(3) therapeutic grade essential oils


Perfume Oils(fragrance oils)

You can often find a bottle of oil for as little as $1. These oils are synthetic (either petrochemical or silicon-based) and useless from a therapeutic perspective; in fact, they are potentially dangerous when inhaled, ingested or applied topically (especially if the chemical substances are being heat evaporated, chemical compounds are released and can be harmful for the human body potentially causing cancer).