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Reclaiming the Power of Female Sexuality

I just finished writing a paper for one of my Marriage and Family Therapy courses on how cultural perceptions throughout history on female sexuality led to women’s inadequate self-concept, resistance to sex-education, fear of shaming for engaging in sexual behaviors, and low sexual desire. The astonishing part of it all is that there is tremendous body of research that proves this statement to be true.

How exactly do cultural beliefs shape women’s sexual attitudes? Typically, the belief system is instilled though cultural practices, loyalty to the family traditions and rules, repeated generational behaviors, and learned patterns of thinking.

While more and more women in a modern society are redefining their sexuality, looking for connections with their body, slowing down, staying in the present moment, experimenting with practices that are more about feeling whole, and celebrating diversities of their bodies, many are still in the dark when it comes to understanding their own body and sexual desire. There is a vast majority of women that believe their body is meant for someone else’s pleasure.

Besides historical, cultural, and political implications, female sexual desire has been compared to the male’s sexuality with emphasis on low testosterone level in women, overlooking female’s own unique hormonal system. Why does everything have to be about the testosterone? Men’s sexuality is more linear while women’s sexuality is more circular, influenced by social and relational factors that lead to sexual arousal. It is not necessarily superior or inferior, stronger or weaker, better or worse. It is simply different.

The good news dear {First Name},is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Women can take their power back! A recent research looked at self-transcendence and meditation practices as a way of increasing sexual arousal, sexual responsiveness, and intercourse frequency in women. Self-transcendence by definition is the overcoming of the limits of the individual self as part of self-realization and collective consciousness. This study revealed that when women were able to overcome cultural and religious limitations through practices of self-transcendence, they became more open to their sensory and sexual body sensations, psychological absorption, and sexual arousal.

Why is it so important? Because our womb is a source of creation, of power, of wisdom. Besides being a place where all human life come from, it is essential to our physical, emotional, and hormonal health. It is where we connect with our romantic partners and yet… we do not take time or space to honor it. It takes courage to make the choice to reconnect with yourself {First Name}, to heal from past traumas, and to reclaim your feminine essence. If you are still reading this, I admire and thank you for your openness.

I want to tell you about one of my favorite feminine practices, the Yoni Egg (yoni in Sanskrit means sacred temple). The Taoist crystal egg practice to strengthen the vagina emerged in ancient China. For a long time it was a secret practice, only available for the members of the royal family. Since ancient times, these practices have been used for improving the physical and spiritual health of a woman.

It was brought back to us by modern spiritual gurus and has so many potential benefits. It helps strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, cultivate sexual energy, amplify libido and orgasms, balance the hormones and menstrual cycle, stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls, increase control of the whole perineum and bladder, develop and clear chi pathways in the body, clear energetic fields from past lovers, and alleviate menopause transitions.

Yoni egg practice is normally a part of my private coaching services but since it is the first time that I am offering it as a group event in May, I am making it available for a special price. If you are considering to participate in this valuable workshop, I encourage you to do so this time around.

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