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What Does It Take To Be a Leader?

I went through some serious challenges lately and it all started the minute I declared a full YES to serving humanity, to being a leader. It feels like the universe continuously puts my determination to test.

Recently, I was immersed in an intense training of healing love and internal organs with Taoist Master Mantak Chia and surprisingly, I went through an energetic discharge. I say surprisingly because I thought I was dealing with my darkness. I felt anxiety and fear coming up during practice, my palms were sweating, and the room was spinning. It was scary but deep inside I knew that I was peeling yet another layer of untruth. It was a good reminder that the work is never done and it does not matter whether I am a leader or a student.

Another divine test was receiving zero appreciation for something that I invested a lot of hard work, heart, and energy into. I was expecting to hear endless “thank you” and praise but instead, I was not even acknowledged. I was fighting my tears as the emotion took over me and after I was done feeling sorry for myself, I decided to let go of the need for validation. The truth is, neither praise, or criticism, or lack of has to do with who I am.

Next challenge came about when I signed up to attend a feminine leadership training in Spain this summer. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the facilitator had to change location, price, and structure of the training. It was very nerve wrecking since I organized my travels around it and I was very close to canceling the whole thing. Despite additional expenses, chaotic airline changes, uncertainties, and frustration, I still said YES. I said YES not so much to the training itself but rather to my life’s purpose.

Last week, I was asked to be a guest speaker at a private event, which turned out not so private when 70 people showed up. I had to adjust everything I was planning to say and tune in to my heart for guidance. It ended up being a message of love and connection.

I am still in the process of being confronted with different situations that require flexibility, patience, and determination but what I realized is that being a leader requires being a human first. It requires accepting myself as imperfect, someone who inevitably triggers people and willing to surrender being liked by everyone, someone who rises from the ashes just to start all over again because the calling of the heart is so strong.

Regardless where you are on your journey beloved,¬†remember that you are a leader of your own life and you have necessary resources within you to handle any life’s challenges!

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