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The Sacred Union: Feminine and Masculine Within You

All of us have masculine and feminine polarities, yin and yang, left and right brain, creative and logical aspects of our personality but how many of us are aware of how they show up in our life and relationships? See, dearest, this is a truly deep and sensitive topic to tap into.

Allow me to briefly touch on what feminine and masculine is. Feminine or yin essence is our ever-changing emotions, our creativity that is often expressed through art, music, writing, and cooking, our connection with nature, and our love, nourishment, and compassion for others. Masculine or yang is our presence, ability to hold space for active listening, desire to succeed, to achieve, to accomplish, to focus and get things done, and to think logically.

When we have a healthy relationship with both polarities, we are able to live a fulfilled life, have rich human experiences that are rooted in our heart center, develop healthy intimate bonds with others, eliminate toxic relational patterns from our energetic field, and heal past trauma.

Imbalance happens when one polarity begins to dominate or needs healing or perhaps there are past traumas that block us from our true essence. If feminine takes over, we bathe in our emotions and creativity without putting things into action. If masculine is not balanced, we are at risk of losing our heart expression, disconnect from our emotions, and lack loving relationships.

Why is it so challenging to attain yin-yang harmony especially when it is so healthy for us? There are multiple reasons: culture, religion, societal conditioning, past traumas, and patriarchy aka unhealthy masculine.

We want our men to express their feelings and communicate to us in a heart centered way when they were taught by society not to. When men cry, they are called wimps, sissies, wussies, weak, and are made fun of. So, we expect them to shift out of shame and fear of rejection without doing any personal work first?

For many women it is very difficult to embrace and love the masculine polarity because of the painful oppression that the feminine endured throughout generations, sexual and relational traumas, and collective rage that women hold against men as a result of patriarchy. For many women even in western societies, it is still hard to break free from a victim mindset, co-dependency, and beliefs that their sexuality is for someone else’s pleasure.

At my recent women retreat we did some inner masculine work…it was intense, revealing, deep, beautiful, and quite powerful. Yes, shadows, resistances, and even body reactions came up as women tapped into their inner man and yet, we re-emerged with a new understanding of our own internal worlds.

One woman had a revelation about exactly the kind of partner that she wanted to share her life with. Another woman who was trying to figure out her relationship dynamic with the recent boyfriend realized that she was projecting certain qualities into him that she herself needed to transform. There were even some past life connections and feelings of rejection that came up.

The truth is…there is healing to be done, beloved, for both men and women, and it begins with each and every one of us. The sacred union can only happen inside you and in a relationship with another human if you are at peace with both your feminine and your masculine.

In love alive,

Irina Devi

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