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Is Mercury Retrograde Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

Apparently, there is a lot going on in the stars these days! Regardless whether you believe in astrology or not, you must have heard about Mercury retrograde. What it means is that the Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky when it fact it simply “slows down”. Because Mercury is believed to rule communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, when the planet goes retrograde all those things go “backwards” and create a tangled up mess! ‚ There is so much fuss and puss around Mercury retrograde causing communication issues, relationship problems, and confusion that we often start blaming our life’s misfortunes on poor old Mercury. Although it is good to be aware of celestial energies and their influences on human kind, we should not forget that it is us who are responsible for the energy we bring  into any space, situation, relationship, conversation, etc. Your reaction is always a choice! On a brighter side of things, Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to slow down your pace, reflect on what’s working in your life and what needs to be let go, and tap into your intuition that is in high gear during this period. Mercury happens to be the ruling planet of my zodiac sign Gemini, so I take the bad name given to the retrograde more personally! Oops, is that a communication lapse? ‚ Mercury is my friend and it can be yours too if you follow these simple survival tips and use essential oils of Vetiver, Grounding, Highest Potential, and Harmony to help you get through rough retrograde times.

1. Reflect, Relax, Rethink!  Keep a daily journal for your desires, dreams, reflections, and thoughts to make use of your heightened intuition .

2. Stay  present! Find time during the day to ground yourself by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, going for a walk, sipping on Lavender tea, being in nature, indulging in your favorite healthy dish.

3. Bring home flowers! Flowers are good for our heart and emotions. They can transform the energy
of any space.

4. Light a candle! At the end of the day, release your troubles by lighting your favorite scented candle and allowing the worries of the day to burn.

 5. Slow down!  Review projects, allow more time for travel, be flexible, and be prepared for angrier people and miscommunications.

6.  Rub Vetiver or Grounding essential oils on  the bottom of your feet and

inhale deeply. These oils are very powerful in supporting relaxation, grounding, and clarity.

7. Diffuse Harmony essential oil to create a sense of balance in your space and let go of the day.

8. Inhale Highest Potential by activating 1-2 drops in your palms and cupping over nose while you are reflecting or writing down your deepest wishes and desires. When Mercury is direct again, be ready to take action!

9. Mark the next retrograde on your calendar April 28th-May 22nd, 2016.

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