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Divine Mother Archetype: Her Light & Her Shadow

Divine Mother feminine archetype, her light and her shadow.

She is unconditional love.

She is a sacred of the sacred of the heart, beauty, and compassion filled with so much wisdom that she shares with her energetic and/or biological children.

She gives love to all without judgments, restrictions, or conditions.

She holds space for others with patience and benevolence, knowing that is how their healing takes place.

She is limitless in her generous embrace where love flows effortlessly.

She lives her life from her expansive heart because that is the only way she knows.

She emanates pure presence where others feel safe, relaxed, and at peace.

She asks for nothing in return but joy.

There is a shadow that emerges from her open heart that she needs to be aware of, a shadow that can create unhealthy impact on her emotions and those she is close with.

She can become quite overbearing in her efforts to give, neglecting to respect personal boundaries of others. This can result in others’ feelings of being controlled and intrusion in a personal space, struggling with self-efficacy and sense of own identity.

She can lose herself in another thus denying her own needs and depriving herself of self-love, eventually not being able to give from an empty bucket of emotions.

SELF-LOVE is medicine for the Divine Mother and those that she loves so much.

In love alive,

Irina Devi

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