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Temple of Pleasure Circle

Imagine being a part of something so sacredly feminine, ancient, and beautiful while dropping into your body (your sacred temple) and connecting with the core of your creativity, intuition, and expression in a safe space with other women devoted to self-love, breathing together, disconnecting from everyday drama, and uniting in love for the Devine.

My Temple of Pleasure 8-week program for women is designed for you to deeply embrace your true essence as a woman without being held back by old beliefs, conditioning, or shame patterns.

During this unique journey with me, I will help you:


Appreciation for your body as a sacred temple to release any body shame or insecurities and to accept and love all parts of a divine you.


Physical & emotional trauma stored in the womb so you are free to surrender to pleasure, orgasms, and your lover.


Your sexual energy of creation to infuse it into anything you aspire to be or create in your life, work, or spiritual journey.

This program is for you if you are looking to improve your emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual well-being (all levels welcome).

My Temple of Pleasure 8-week circle includes:

Taoist feminine practices and sacred feminine rituals designed to awaken and fall in love with your feminine sensuality so you can embrace both your softness and your strength as the powerful woman that you are.

1-1 sessions with me where I will guide you on your unique transformational path so you can get the most out of your experience.

Group circles where I will be taking you on a journey to cultivate healing energy in your body so you can release stagnant emotions while connecting to self-love and self-acceptance in a loving women community.

To find out more and get all your Qs answered about joining the Temple of Pleasure program, book a zero-pressure 1-1 heart connection call with me here (30 min):

I am here to connect authentically and answer all of your questions.

With Temple of Pleasure, you can cultivate your self-love and self-worth to confidently show up for yourself, your relationships, and your life!

Let me inspire you with testimonials from women who participated in Temple of Pleasure program:

“Irina is amazing at helping you get in touch with the feminine inside you, and helping you feel comfortable with it through her beautiful practice. She takes you on this healing journey that really helps to open you up and talk to your Higher self. Thank you, Goddess for the love and inspiration you always bring!” Mehernez”

Attending Irina’s Temple of Pleasure circle was an Enlightening experience. Irina’s magical way of engaging the students with the material she is teaching is very innovative and integrative to the heart, mind, body, and soul. It is an Uplifting Symphony to each clavicle of each woman’s Heart Center as she releases the old feminine wound chords and a New Breath of Healing is invigorated and introduced into the body. It is an amazing spiritual essence of experience and it is quite liberating for the soul, the spirit, and the feminine body on the whole. I am blessed to have been a part of this magnificent experience.” Leah

Yoni Eggs are not included and if you do not have your own, you can purchase an organic pure hand made yoni egg on my website HERE

To learn if this program is a good fit and for enrollment inquiries, email me to schedule 1-1 heart connection call or use the link above