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Private & Corporate Events

Corporate Wellness

Bring wellness to your workplace! My interactive and engaging lectures and workshops introduce participants to the wellness lifestyle, importance of maintaining emotional and physical health, and easy yet self-care practices that alleviate stress. I facilitate self-care seminars for doctors, wellness practitioners, corporate America, public education teachers and social emotional counselors.

Speaking Engagements

My presentation topics include: wellness and self-care, aromatherapy, self-love and personal development, conscious love and dating, ancient teachings of intimacy.

Intimate & Sacred Women Gatherings

If you are looking for an uplifting, relaxing, heart warming, and memorable experience for a birthday celebration, home party, house blessing, baby shower, or women gathering, you are in the right place! I offer a variety of wellness, self-care, mindfulness, and feminine embodiment programs that your guests will guarantee to enjoy. I offer the following programs:

  • Women circles with meditation, aromatherapy, body movement, relaxation rituals, and breathing exercises (tailored to your event)
  • Priestess Temple with essential oils, feminine embodiment rituals based on ancient Taoist, Hinduism, and Shamanic teachings, and yoni egg practices
  • Natural perfume making with essential oils
  • GROOVE movement
  • Aromatherapy immersion with sampling of essential oils, relaxation, and educational content
  • House blessings with ancient rituals and essential oils to attract abundance, love, joy, and anything that your heart desires for your new home or your present space

GROOVE Parties (Corporate & Private)

GROOVE is a fun mind-body-soul experience with various musical genres. It is a group dance experience that incorporates elements of intuitive movement, simple dance choreography, relaxation, stretching, meditation, and yoga. Playlists are created according to your party’s vibe: relaxing, inspirational, sensual, empowering, high intensity (fitness), dance party, meditative, feminine, etc.


GROOVE is a powerful yet surprisingly simple method to movement, mindfulness, and creativity that makes dance easy and accessible to everyone. It has quickly evolved into a global dance movement with Groove facilitators in over 20 countries. The World Groove Movement has become one of the leading voices in the conscious movement revolution, nurturing to the mind, body, and soul.