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Women Circles & Retreats

“Women are like fingers of the same divine goddess,Moving with emotion, intuition, and sensitivity, Nurturing each other as the divine Mother, Upholding and cherishing our one blessed Earth. We enter the portal of time when we are together in nature, connecting with one another, moving, bathing, massaging, dancing, nurturing each other, alleviating each other’s sorrows. Let us always remember the ancient roots of our feminine sisterhood that move our evolution forward.” Unknown

In our fast moving culture often filled with pride and competition, we’ve lost the subtle art of intimacy. We need to prove ourselves. Protect ourselves. Vulnerability feels like a weakness and letting someone close feels terrifying. But we ache for it. We crave the depth of real, authentic relationships with friends and beloveds.

Women circle is where we allow personal expression of truth and feminine knowing without the filter “let me say what people like to hear”, a space of acceptance of our light and darkness and connection to one another, it is where we strip off our guard down and allow others to really see us for who we are without the need to prove ourselves. It’s a portal where LOVE flows freely.

Come to our circles and retreat programs to experience:

*Guided meditations that connect you to your breath, your body, and your heart so you can embrace who you truly are and become fearlessly authentic, attracting and magnetizing what you desire in life.

*Movement to embody your feminine confidence and grace of transformation.

*Intimate sharing in a safe space to receive guidance, support, connect with other women, and identify what wants to be released and what wants to bloom.

*Sacred ceremonies and rituals that are designed to empower you and to ignite your inner light so you can reconnect with deep acceptance of self and love for others.

*Devine connections to self, others, humanity, and our nurturing Mother Earth to fully embrace oneness with the feminine and the masculine polarities.

Community of open hearted women that support and hold space for love.

Here is what our circle sisters are saying:

“The Women’s Circle event was such a wonderful experience. Irina has such a vibrant energy that by the end of the circle I felt recharged, renewed and energized in my soul. Thank you for everything you do for women to show them who they really are and what they can do with their POWER that they carry within”. Enki

“I had a personal great experience developing my mind, body & soul during a group session. What a beautiful expression of women!” Tara

“I felt like I left my pain there. As if a weight has been lifted.” Paula

My life’s purpose is to inspire women to step into their true power, to re-claim their self-image, to re-connect with joy in their hearts, and pleasure in their bodies regardless of the programmed false beliefs and past traumas. I know it is possible because I was that woman once who believed that my body was meant for my partners’ pleasure. I was haunted by intimacy fears, perfection standards, and poor self-esteem.

I am extremely grateful for the loving support of women in my life that inspired me to become who I am today and I realized how important it is for every woman to feel accepted, heard, and understood without judgments in order to be able to transform her life. I founded a supportive community of conscious women “La Femme Rose” and our women circles are for sharing wisdom, embracing the sacredness of our feminine hearts, honoring ourselves as divine beings, and healing in a space where our vulnerable hearts feel safe to be, where we come together to empower and nourish each other.

I invite you dear sister to join our circles and be a part of this loving community.


Heart warming sisters’ testimonials from our recent day retreat:

“I am so grateful for the delicious day spent together in nature, among soul sisters. Even though I didn’t know most of the participants, I felt an immediate sense of connection and welcoming right from the start. There was also a sense of being part of something bigger, ancient even, women gathering in nature to connect, reflect, to heal and to celebrate life.” Rachel

“The retreat was a true treat. Everything was balanced and I spend enough time in nature and connecting with women. The silent hike was amazing and I am so glad it was suggested, since not many people are used to hiking or eating together in silence, which can bring another level of awareness. There were options and ladies were very caring and accommodating in regards to the choices of activities.” Edyta

“What wonderful group of authentic women shining bright and sharing support!” Janet

“It was a hot summer day in a serene park setting with beautiful women. We all felt the heaviness and anxiety of quarantine and Covid-19 and what is unknown ahead of us. It was a great refuge from our everyday routine to gather to breathe, dance, hold hands, laugh, swim, and lift one another. We all left the day tired but optimistic and happy.” Aynur