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Client Testimonials


Attending Irina’s Temple of Pleasure circle was an Enlightening experience. Irina’s magical way of engaging the students with the material she is teaching is very innovative and integrative to the heart, mind, body, and soul. It is an Uplifting Symphony to each clavicle of each woman’s Heart Center as she releases the old feminine wound chords and a New Breath of Healing is invigorated and introduced into the body. It is an amazing spiritual essence of experience and it is quite liberating for the soul, the spirit, and the feminine body on the whole. I am blessed to have been a part of this magnificent experience.


Irina is amazing at helping you get in touch with the feminine inside you, and helping you feel comfortable with it through her beautiful practice. She takes you on this healing journey that really helps to open you up and talk to your Higher self. Thank you, Goddess for the love and inspiration you always bring!


I really enjoyed the class even though we had to do it online because of the current situation. It was still very beneficial. We did great exercises to help us slowly get into the practice and prepare our body to insert the egg. The whole class was very well lead and Irina is such a wonderful teacher. She is very intuitive and gentle. I highly recommend her!


I feel a lot of my emotional blockages are gone.  I am more open and happier.  I was so surprised about the shift in my energy.  I am so ready to move on and make my life what I want it to be.


I felt connection between my mind and my body. Furthermore, I have learned that this modern knowledge was brought from ancient times so it felt very powerful and sacred! I felt sexual, physical and spiritual transformation and healing. After the workshop, I started exercising my pelvic floor muscles and having orgasms more often.


I have been practicing with my egg and orgasming on my own with confidence. I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to express my identity or desires.


 Thank you. I was glad I made it to the class. I was actually having beautiful visions. I know I was meant to be in that class.