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Are You Consciously Being or Forcefully Achieving?

I was recently asked by a client “How do I achieve consciousness?”

See dear one, when it comes to consciousness, being present, awakening to our soul purpose, or falling in love, it has less to do with achievement and more to do with our natural, pure state of being. We are so used to achieving and chasing after what we want in this modern world that we often forget who we truly are. We forget that we hold all of our precious resources within. We forget how good it feels to surrender to life, to open ourselves to love, to have playfulness of a child, to laugh wholeheartedly. All of it IS consciousness.

So, why many of us do not tap into our consciousness? Because typically, human beings choose long term suffering over short term pain.

I relate long term suffering to living in the matrix, in the shadows of our past traumas, losing ourselves to ego’s defenses without questioning how these defenses serve our present reality, creating unconscious patterns of behavior that lead to the same unfavorable outcomes, numbing our pain with substances, financial success, overindulgence in food, sex, material luxuries because it is familiar, it is “comfortable”.  It might “work” for the moment but still, painful thoughts keep coming, void in our heart is expanding, and suffering goes on. We feel discomfort when we are left alone with our thoughts and immediately search for a quick relief or a distraction, once again. We are afraid to silence our mind so we can tune in to our pain, to feel what is REALLY there.

Short term pain, on the contrary, is a process of awakening that often requires seeing beyond the layers of our matrix constructed identity. The process is not an easy fix that we might be accustomed to because it reveals parts of ourselves that we have been trying so forcefully hide from the world and yet, awakening is so extraordinary rewarding, healing, and liberating…it sure does take courage.

Imagine for a moment that the pain is this big bad wolf that is chasing you though the woods and you keep finding clever ways of escaping, exhausting yourself, feeling drained until the moment you stop dead in your tracks and decide to face the wolf. He is ugly, he is stinky, his eyes are bloody, he is growling, and his teeth are sharp. You stare at him with compassion and all of a sudden…he is gone.

Give yourself permission, dear one to surrender to pure being, spend time alone, feel into the uneasiness of silence, allow your abundant consciousness to flow through your veins, give space to self-inquiry where answers are harvested and intuition prevails, a place where there is nothing to achieve but simply be.

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