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When Personal Boundaries Get Crossed

It is so natural and fundamental for us as human beings to seek genuine connections with others, to enrich our lives with harmonious relationships and friendships. Sometimes, however, things get complicated or unpleasant when we feel that our personal boundaries are being crossed.

I personally have been in situations where I found myself either withdrawing from a relationship in desperate efforts to protect my space or overextending myself with best intentions, thus unknowingly trespassing on other’s emotional property.

I truly believe that majority of personal boundary “trespassers” are not bad people nor do they consciously desire to annoy us. It is usually one or a combination of the two:

They are not aware of what makes your blood boil or simply, they see no wrong. We all come from different cultures, backgrounds, traditions, upbringing, etc. So, unless we communicate our boundaries clearly, we can’t expect others to ‘just know”.

Sometimes their behaviors and personal interaction patterns are deeply rooted in past traumas. A wounded little boy/girl is longing, needing to be loved, validated, appreciated… When people they love or attracted to do not respond the same way, they try harder, unconsciously retrieving to their bleeding wound.

So, how do we set personal boundaries with people we love without creating unnecessary tension or destroying a relationship altogether? A big component of my work revolves around empowering others to step into the truths of who they are, to live freely, to express authentically… Setting boundaries is part of it and so very important, dear one. It embraces self-love, self-respect, and teaches others how to engage with us in a healthier, more harmonious ways.

In this video, I offer you three ways to establish your personal comfort boundaries while maintaining harmonious relationships in your life. I also included a self-care ritual with Clarity essential oils blend to guide you through understanding and creating your personal healthy boundaries.

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