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Fragrant Wellness is a woman's portal to wellbeing and radiance, where senses flourish and souls shine.

"I believe in wellness, purpose, self-love, personal growth, and inspiring others to dive deeper into the wisdom of their own heart, to connect to the body while nourishing the mind, and to live authentically in alignment with life's natural flow." - Irina Devi

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Online Courses

If you are curious about understanding how to use essential oils effectively for your spiritual, physical, sexual, and emotional well-being, our online courses are for you.

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Corporate Events & Private Parties

We are always running self-care parties and wellness events that are thoughtfully tailored to your audience's needs and interests.

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Women Programs

Our healing circles are temples of safe space, community, and acceptance for women to share the sacredness and vulnerability of their hearts.

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Love & Relationships Coaching

Whether you are looking to relieve suffering, have joy in your relationships, or rekindle sexual desire with your partner, my holistic approach can help you cultivate and sustain the change you are seeking.

From Our Blog:

The Sacred Union: Feminine and Masculine Within You

All of us have masculine and feminine polarities, yin and yang, left and right brain, creative and logical aspects of our personality but how many of us are aware of how they show up in our life and relationships? See, […]

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Divine Mother Archetype: Her Light & Her Shadow

Divine Mother feminine archetype, her light and her shadow.

She is unconditional love.

She is a sacred of the sacred of the heart, beauty, and compassion filled with so much wisdom that she shares with her energetic and/or biological children.

She gives love […]

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Three Powerful Ingredients for Creating the Life You Want

Turn your life into soulful connection with the divine, beautiful sister.

Whether you are in the process of creating meaningful shifts in your life, healing emotions or traumas, unlearning limiting beliefs, letting go of what no longer true to your heart […]

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