Zyto Success Bundle (FREE with Zyto purchase)

To use or not to use Zyto Compass in my aromatherapy and wellness practice no longer remains a question. Zyto scanner is a FDA approved device and many of my clients appreciate to have a tangible assessment of their health needs, an assessment they trust and resonate with (visit my What Is Zyto Compass page to learn more about the Zyto technology and how it works). So far, I haven’t had a single client who expressed dissatisfaction, skepticism or concern.

However, Zyto scan is a process that requires careful planning and knowledge on the part of a practitioner. It is a beneficial wellness tool for all parties when used appropriately. It is also a business tool that can lead to client retention, boosting sales, and growing your wellness practice. Keeping both wellness and business in mind while also taking into account the “trial and error” process I have encountered as a newbie, I developed a comprehensive Zyto Success Bundle to help aromatherapy experts and wellness practitioners to save time, money PLUS have all the necessary tools for growing business with ready to use client forms, latest marketing strategies, online support and resources links, consultation techniques and other valuable information in my 5 Steps Tool Kit For Successful Zyto Practice. The bundle is available for $49 (contact me if you would like to purchase it) OR it is offered FREE with your Zyto purchase through my affiliate link HERE: GO ZYTO!



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