Which 3 Essential Oils Are In Stars For You?

This may not be a typical question you ask an astrologist or read about in your daily horoscope column. However, it goes back to ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, Incas and others who profoundly believed that all of us are part of the same universal energy and composed of five essential elements: Space, Earth, Fire, Water, Air.  The entire science of Ayurveda is based on these “five great elements” and when one or more of the elements are out of balance, we feel it both on emotional and physical levels in our body. We even have five fingers and five toes! 🙂


Essential Oils and Astrology combine two of the elements Earth and Space into a powerful energy field. Essential oils extracted that are extracted from various plant species, humans and other living organisms, are part of the same evolutionary process and according to astrological principles, every sign of the Zodiac is dominated by one of the five elements and aligned with a specific birth stone and a flower (plant). I was inspired by this knowledge and with some research in the field and my artistic graphic design skills, I created this Aromatherapy Astrology guide, which reveals top 3 essential oils for each sign of the Zodiac. So, if you are interested to learn which essential oils work best with your astrological sign and why, I invite you to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF THE ASTROLOGY GUIDE HERE!

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