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Radiance and Vitality

Beloved woman, thank you for stopping by my Fragrant Wellness Women Salon. Here you will find highest quality yoni crystals, products to harness your femininity, and nutritional supplements to support your wellness goals, lifestyle needs, endocrine and nervous system, as well as your body’s lifespan transitions.

I personally use these products and I am very pleased with their benefits. If you have any questions regarding the company, ingredients, usage, or purchasing please reach out in no time.

Jade (Yoni) Egg

Jade egg aka Yoni egg practice is one of the most beautiful and healing feminine embodiment exercises with multiple benefits for woman’s physical, emotional, sexual, and energetic wellbeing. The practice originated from ancient Chinese teachings of Taoism and are now becoming more and more popular among modern women. Potential benefits: helps to strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, cultivate sexual energy, amplify libido, balance the hormones and menstrual cycle, stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls, increase control of the whole perineum and bladder, balance vaginal PH levels, develop and clear energy pathways in the body, clear energetic fields from past lovers, and alleviate symptoms of lifespan transitions (e.g., menopause, post-pregnancy).

Jade Eggs are precious stones, rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities. These crystals are safe for internal use, sustainably sourced, hand carved, polished, and blessed to ensure the best quality. Every crystal comes with eco-friendly organic pouch, guide book, and quality box for individual crystal to be shipped in.


Nutritional Supplements for Radiance and Vitality from Coral Club

I included my personal distributor portal for your convenience when you click on Purchase links below. It will appear as soon as you navigate the Coral Club site.

Menopause and Menstrual Cycle Support

PhytoMix (Product #2110) – Unique formula of amino acids, phytoestrogens, and herbal extracts that can help to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats that women often suffer from during menopause. Hop cones extract has a calming effect on the central nervous system, helps to reduce irritability, head aches, as well as improve the mood and sleep. Due to phytoestrogens, it aids in correcting the menstrual cycle, sexual activity and helps the synthesis of female hormones. In addition, natural antioxidant and relaxation components are included.


Life’s Vitality and Radiance

“Coral Mine” (Product #2221) – is a natural product from Japan made of deep-sea coral (scleractinias) collected in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima. “Coral-Mine” normalizes the functions of all bodily organs and systems by regulating mineral balance. A sachet placed in water enriches it with beneficial minerals, restores water-salt balance, has a positive effect on the kidneys and digestive system functions.


Sleep, Nervous System, and PMS Symptoms Synthesizer 

Griffonia (Product #91848) – a product of core for optimizing the central and peripheral nervous system functioning. Synergy of all the ingredients provides a powerful support to the nervous system. Griffonia and vitamin B6 increase synthesis of endorphins responsible for positive emotions and an improved mood. Vitamin B12 contributes to the synthesis of melatonin and helps adapt to changes in sleep patterns.