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Eleanora Fragrant Tea Parties


If you are looking for new and trendy ideas for your home parties, you are in the right place! More and more people are jumping on board of a “wellness train” and raising their awareness of natural food choices, organic supplements, and eco friendly household products! DIY recipes for beauty and personal care are in popular demand and we can teach you how to make your own without spending too much money at the health store. Tell us your theme and we will work with you on creating a memorable experience while you are sipping on a delicious organic tea and your guests are happy and entertained!

Corporate Events

Bring wellness to your workplace! Interactive and engaging lectures and workshops that introduce participants to wellness lifestyle, maintaining emotional and physical health, and stress management.

Fragrant GROOVE

Discover simple and easiest way to move your body authentically to reduce stress and use essential oils for overall harmony!

Great Home or Office party idea for fun, team building and entertainment!

GROOVEdancefloor + Fragrance = Pure Bliss!

***GROOVE experience can be scheduled without aromatherapy component.

Fragrant GROOVE