My coaching approach to love and relationships is simple and yet profound process of self-discovery. It allows a safe space for difficult emotions, situations, and thoughts to be surfaced and dealt with in a way that ends suffering.

With my guidance and support, clients gain insights into their own personal support system and learn empowering tools for creating meaningful, harmonious, and fulfilling relationships with self as well as the others.

Clients that engage in ongoing coaching report the following:

• Renewed and stronger sense of self and self-love.
• Knowing how to listen to their inner voice to access heart’s sacred yearnings, longings, and desires.
• Greater ability to deal with difficult or challenging relationships, situations, and people.
• Improved relationships with friends, family members, love partners, business associates, and co-workers.
• Experiencing more satisfaction and more joy in their lives by embracing the “power of the present moment”.
• Deeper sense of intimacy and connection with love partners.
• Acceptance and being more in control of their emotions, thoughts, and interactions with others.
• Less stress and less fear around dating and more success with developing positive romantic connections and sustaining meaningful friendships.
• Ability to accept and resolve past traumas so they no longer influence the sense of self and relationships with others.
• Being more in touch with who they truly are while embracing their talents, creativity, sexuality, sensuality, and feelings.