How To Harmonize and Energize Your Feelings With Essential Oils

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Our feelings are everchanging as they continuously affect our thoughts, actions, mood, and attitude. Every minute, every hour, every day we are confronted with situations, circumstances, people, and life experiences that have a direct impact on the way we feel and think. Some negative feelings come and go and some decide to stick around longer causing emotional pitfalls, falling off track with our diet, exercise routine, resolutions, and influencing our relationships. Oftentimes, we do not even acknowledge how we feel and how much impact our emotions have on our lives and on those around us until it’s too late. Therefore, it is so important to stay connected to your body and mind and to get these emotional poopers under control before they start controling you. While healthy eating, exercise, yoga, laughter, and mindful breathing are crucial to the release of endorphines, essential oils play an integral role in harmonizing and balancing your emotional state. Especially with winter in full force, less sunshine and vitamin D intake, less time spend in nature, and longer cold nights, it is not uncommon to experience “winter blues”. What do winter blues may feel like?

Significant, lasting, downturn of mood

Apathy; loss of feelings


Less energy



Overeating; weight gain

Loss of motivation with exercise

Sleeping too much; difficulty waking up or staying awake

Less interest in being around other people

Less interest in activities one used to like

In this presentation you will explore how to:
Live in the Now with Present Time
Release unwanted emotions
Bring Your body, emotions, thoughts and heart into Harmony
Ground Yourself to be solid in the battlefield of life
Smile with Your Inner Child

Forgive Yourself and Others

Presented by aromatherapists : Aditya Nowotny and Irina Gubenko

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