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[Note: I’m thinking about giving away something special. For FREE. It’s going to take some significant time to put together. I’m going to work hard to deliver this gift to you but I want to make sure you actually want it. More details at the bottom of the article.]

So in my last post, I asked for your feedback and I mentioned I was creating something special. Your honest and transparent responses inspired me to write this profound article.

#1: Safety is Knowledge

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  Benjamin Franklin

Many of you indicated that the biggest fear you have when it comes to essential oils is SAFETY. It is not surprising at all. Our basic instinct is survival and we don’t want to put anything on our skin or inhale/ingest something that can harm us or cause a bad reaction. However, the reality is… Are you ready for this? Essential oils (natural substances that are distilled from plants) come from the same evolutionary processes as us humans. Their primary metabolic function is survival and their secondary metabolic function is health sustainability. Our body recognizes these substances immediately and allows them surpass the blood barrier easily, at the same time lifting up our spirits and improving cellular functions. Unlike synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals that target one symptom and cause side effects, essential oils have innate intelligence of knowing exactly what needs to be “fixed” and leave your body without causing a distress.

Here are basic precautions: all “skin irritant” oils need to be diluted  prior to the contact with skin, children up to 3 years of age require specific dilution proportion, sun exposure should be avoided when using photosynthetic (citrus) oils, and purity of the oils must be considered prior to consumption. Yes, it is that SIMPLE.

(Knowledge is the key and I am creating something at the moment that includes a simple dilution chart and a quick reference safety guide.)

#2: How Much For Your Health?

“If you think pursuit of good health is expensive and time consuming, try illness.”     Lee Swanson

Pure essential oils are not cheap. I hear you… I am a queen of wanting to get good stuff for less and if you are like me, meaning you favor wellness lifestyle choices, then you will agree that good pure quality essential oils belong to the same category as natural organic food and household products, yoga classes, meditation workshops, personal development courses, and gym memberships to name a few.

Reason being, companies who prioritize purity and integrity of essential oils invest in natural harvesting solutions, chemical and pesticides free soil, and even invest in training of  harvesters. PLUS, with many oils, it takes a lot of plant material to produce 1 tiny bottle of pure, undiluted, potent, and unadulterated by synthetics essential oil. For example, it takes close to 2, 500 rose petals to produce .5 ml bottle of rose oil! That’s why pure rose essential oil can be pricey.

Pure essential oils are essentially an investment in you health and fuel your efforts to live healthier, more joyful life. Here is BIG news… What I am thinking about creating for you actually will show you how to SAVE money not only on good quality oils but also on other natural household products. The information I am considering to reveal to you for FREE (more on this at the bottom of the article).

#3: Your Investment In Humanity

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it is the first step to humanity.” Unknown

Many of you shared that not only you want to create a better life for yourself, you long for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Here is how… KNOWLEDGE. Yes… Knowledge is POWER. When you educate yourself on what’s good for your mind, body, and soul, when you aspire to live healthier life, when you use nature’s gifts that the universe (or if you prefer God) provides for you, you raise your energetic vibrations and inspire others to do the same. And yes, it’s that simple but yet powerful.

Because I Don’t Want To Feel Silly…

I’d feel like a total silly goose if I spent 2-3 days non-stop working on this thing that I’d like to create for you for free and no one downloaded it or wanted it.
So . . .

This is What I’m Going to Do

If you want the free resource that shows you how to invest in your health for less while using good quality products, click on the link below to enter you email address BEFORE Monday, 10/31/16. (If I end up making it I’ll send it to you at the email address you list below).


If you and enough other people get on the “interest” list (I’m thinking around 100), then we’re good to go. I’ll use the interest list to send it to you.

If not, then no worries. I’ll just use the time to go pumpkin picking or something. By the way, I still haven’t decided on my Halloween costume. Any suggestions?

P.S. I have some other big upcoming news. I’ll fill you in sometime in the next few weeks. At some point. Can’t wait to break the news. (HINT: It’s not a product launch. It’s something bigger).

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