Fall In Love With Your Inner Child

“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” Walt Disney

Think back when you were a child. Were you playful? Joyful? Free spirited? Were you concerned what you looked like when you were dancing, spinning, splashing water on yourself or did you instead enjoy the feeling? As an early childhood teacher, I often had a privilege to watch children at play as they always radiated such love, joy and innocence. I witnessed their excitement, the sparkle in their eyes as they watched snowflakes falling from the sky or chased a butterfly in a schoolyard. All of us had experienced this kind of pure joy as children before we became conditioned by societal standards, expectations, belief systems, fears, and shame factor that influenced our personalities in one way or another. Here is how my colleague James Duignam, a holistic mind/body coach explains it:

“The personality is the mask we wear in the world. So who is behind the personality mask? Who is the real you? To answer that, take off the mask.  Be brutally honest with yourself and willing to see yourself lay bare, without judgment and fear, imperfections and flaws. Be willing to see beyond the mind-made façade, because it is not who you are. Who you really are is that beaming, light of joy in the cradle, radiating light from your heart and soul before life conditioned and patterned you into a limited self.” James Duignam


Even if you cannot recall a time when you were playful, that’s okay. You still have a playful inner child that you can nurture. The ability to be playful is important because it allows you to experience fun and joy. Becoming more playful also allows you to respond to challenges with humor and lightheartedness instead of being serious or becoming frustrated. It is important to have a balance between being serious and being playful. You can use both of these qualities to handle situations effectively. In fact, world’s most renowned spiritual leaders emphasize healing effects of humor and laughter.


Here are some suggestions on how to unleash your playfulness in combination with Inner Child, Young Living’s special essential oils blend. The fragrance of Inner Child revives memories, which reconnect us to our true self.


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