Essential oils of therapeutic quality are concentrated plant essences won by steam distillation according to the old Egyptian technique used by Isis priestesses as well as in case of some oils, being cold pressed. The complete spectrum of the plant’s effects is preserved in this way, and depending on plant species, the concentration of the oil is 100 to 2000 times as strong as naturally in the plant. Thus, therapeutic grade essential oils can have a strong effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.There are three grades of quality, which is not always well defined: (1) fragrance oils (perfume oils), (2) commercial essential oils and (3) therapeutic grade essential oils.

perfumePerfume Oils(fragrance oils)

You can often find a bottle of oil for as little as $1. These oils are synthetic (either petrochemical or silicon-based) and useless from a therapeutic perspective; in fact, they are potentially dangerous when inhaled, ingested or applied topically (especially if the chemical substances are being heat evaporated, chemical compounds are released and can be harmful for the human body potentially causing cancer).

raindrop-classCommercial Essential Oils

Commercial essential oils can be used for aromatherapy at home – these oils are of average to good quality, however they are occasionally diluted and not 100% pure. Reason for this is not lack of knowledge from the manufacturer, but unfortunately greed of gain and for business management reasons; reducing costs and maximizing profit. With this attitude, business is made at the expense of trustful people but nature’s forces and health sustainability are not accommodated for. Some well-know brands fall in this category.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils of therapeutic quality are genuinely 100% pure, natural and come from biological farming. These oils are being more and more accepted among aroma therapists and those who want to enjoy the full potency of the plant. My clients often ask me why they should choose Young Living oils over popular health food brands that are considerably cheaper in price. What differentiates essential oils of therapeutic quality from conventional oils?

The Soil on which plants are grown for extraction of oils, should be 100%.lemon

Pollutant-Free – the therapeutic grade oils from Young Living, for example, are from soils that have verifiable never been fertilized with chemicals. Furthermore it is of advantage if the producing area is far from civilization. Any kind of harmful substances would have an influence on the essential oil of the plant and could derogate the effect.

The Harvest: Because harvesters have to be paid standard wages, many producers let them harvest the plants at “cheaper harvest times”, meaning during the day. The lifeblood and strength of many plants, however, are most complete between 3am and 7am, which makes it the ideal time for harvest (although being more cost-intensive.)

The Mindset of harvesters. As we know from Indians from North America, we should treat the nature we live in with respect, care and gratitude. Research on measuring electromagnetic frequencies at Tainio Institute, Cheney University, Washington, has shown that negative thoughts, while dealing with oils, lower their frequencies by 10 Hz, positive thoughts however, raise their frequencies by 8 Hz and prayer even more to 15 Hz. The same virulence was measured for plants and the harvester’s mindset. Harvesters from Young Living Oils are asked to get permission from the plant before harvesting it, to harvest with a feeling of inner peace, and to thank the plant afterward.