Did You Meet Skippy?

You are probably thinking that Skippy is a cute pet or a silly character. Well, it’s quite the opposite. I met Skippy in Virginia last weekend. There I was, excited and flabbergasted about my Groove facilitator training. I was surrounded by amazing people in a beautiful Salamander resort and doing what I love to do… DANCE!

So, why was anxiety creeping up and keeping me up all night? It did not make sense at all! As I shared this pathetic emotional moment with my Groovemates, I realized I was not alone. All of a sudden, my Groove angel Unyong said: “It’s Skippy. He shows up every time I go through a transformational growth in my life!”

OMG! Skippy, how clever! Yes! Did you meet Skippy at some point in your life? Did Skippy show up when you were engaged in something out of your comfort zone? What are we afraid of? I will share epiphany with you. We are terrified to see our own magnificence and realize that we are limitless! Please do not allow Skippy to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams because deep down you know that when you say YES to life and dare to walk your path with ease and grace… your life will be transformed. I know mine was because I chased Skippy away and ended up having the most liberating, rejuvenating, amazing, and fun training experience ever!


Here are some essential oils that I personally use to ward off Skippy: 



Transformation includes Idaho blue spruce, palo santo, and ocotea. These powerful essential oils empower you to replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts, changing your overall attitude, emotions, and behavior…

Harmony is an exquisite blend that promotes physical and emotional well-being by bringing harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body. The liberating, balancing, and calming essential oils in this blend open us to new possibilities while contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.


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