Irina Gubenko

Founder of Fragrant Wellness, Aromatherapist, Love & Relationships Coach, and GROOVE Facilitator with college degrees in Education and Psychology, certifications in aromatherapy, spa management, and GROOVE method, and extensive training in business and personal development. I have a successful history working with individual clients while integrating advanced biofeedback technology and developing personalized wellness plans that include therapeutic grade essential oils and customized products for overall well being. I also specialize in training spa professionals with proper uses and applications of essential oils in wellness rituals, body and energy work, and spa treatments.

Another area of my expertise is love and relationships coaching with focus on self love, personal development, heart centered living, and transforming “difficult” relationships with others into harmonious connections. I walk my clients through the steps of self discovery, guide them in tapping deep into the heart’s longings and desires and honoring all emotions while effectively expressing and communicating feelings, consequently building sustainable, meaningful, loving, and healthy relationship with self and others.

As part of my mission to nurture self-love and help others to connect with their heart center, I teach Groove movement classes that provide participants with space for self-expression while being engaged in blissful mind-body-soul group dance experience. To learn more visit

Some of my accomplishments include Marie Clair professional publications, TV talk show appearances, numerous speaking engagements at health and wellness fairs, and being featured as a key note speaker at the Harvard University National Symposium for the Holistic Arts.

northside-pharmacyMy Fragrant Journey

Even as a teenager, I was always drawn to massages and skin treatments that involved elements of aromatherapy. When I began diffusing oils in my home, my curiosity grew and my journey of essential oils discovery began. I have sampled oils from many different companies including home made oils but none of those resonated with me as much as Young Living’s essential oils. I began researching the company, its mission, philosophy behind distillation practices and of course therapeutic qualities of Gary Young’s essential oils. At first, my aromatherapy fascination was simply a hobby. Eventually, I began applying Young Living essential oils to deepen my spiritual and meditation practices. The turning point was when I traveled to Germany where I visited breath taking mineral water spas and resorts. I was impressed by the methods of combining aromatherapy with hydrotherapy to promote relaxation, emotional well-being and harmony between mind, body and soul. Upon my return, I signed for NAHA approved certification program through New York City Institute of Aromatherapy to become a professional in the filed. What started as a mere curiosity, now transitioned into a life-long passion. I enjoy teaching aromatherapy classes, seeing clients for consultations, developing individualized wellness plans, and creating customized products, therefore, increasing awareness of therapeutic qualities of essential oils while at the same time helping others to improve their quality of life!

P.S. I’m presently developing an online course Fragrance of Self-Discovery with emphasis on integrating aromatherapy with the personal growth. Stay tuned!