Irina Gubenko

Certified Aromatherapist and Wellness Consultant. CIBTAC Certified Spa Director, student at Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization, and volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver. I hold college degrees in psychology and education, as well as multiple certifications in business management.  I offer Zyto biotechnology consultations with individualized aromatherapy and wellness plans that meet your body’s physical and emotional needs.  I also educate holistic wellness practitioners on successful integration of essential oils into their practices.  Welcome to my fragrant wellness world! I am so glad you stopped by so allow me to introduce myself. 

team-enjoyMy Vision

My passion is working with pure essential oils of therapeutic quality and my vision is to spread the ancient and inner knowledge of these nature’s wonders for the purpose of helping my fellow humans benefit from greater joy of life, harmony and vitality. My goal is to bring wellness, radiance and abundance into individual lives and for this endeavor I exclusively use products from Young Living. Together with some incredibly talented holistic practitioners on my team, I offer amazing wellness services such as health coaching, natural skin care, Reiki, aromatherapy massages, 9 Oils Reflexology, Raindrop treatments, individual consultations, corporate and home events and much more! Sky is the limit when it comes to therapeutic wonders of essential oils. 

northside-pharmacyMy Journey

I was always drawn to massages and skin treatments that involved elements of aromatherapy. As I began diffusing oils in my home, my curiosity grew and my journey of essential oils discovery began. I have sampled oils from many different companies including home made oils but none of those resonated with me as much as Young Living’s essential oils. I started learning about the company, its mission, philosophy behind distillation practices and of course therapeutic qualities of Gary Young’s essential oils. At first, my aromatherapy fascination was simply a hobby. Eventually, I began using Young Living essential oils to deepen my spiritual and meditation practices. The turning point was when I traveled to Germany where I visited breath taking mineral water spas and resorts. I was impressed by the methods of combining aromatherapy with hydrotherapy to promote relaxation, emotional well-being and harmony between mind, body and soul. What started as a mere curiosity, now transitioned into a life-long passion. I enjoy teaching aromatherapy classes, developing individualized wellness plans, and creating customized products, therefore, increasing awareness of therapeutic qualities of essential oils while at the same time helping others to improve their quality of life!