Bring Nature Walks To City Home

John Muir, one of America’s most influential conservationists, once wrote that “going to the woods is going home.” If you’ve ever emerged from a hike or camping trip with a clearer mind, you know exactly what Muir means. Nature has a way of providing comfort when you need it the most. It resets your thoughts, lifts your spirits and puts you at peace — just like a visit home would. For many folks living in a big city,young-living nature is a luxury. I personally love walking around in the city and was able to shed a few pounds ever since I got rid of my car. However, Stanford University recently released the results of a study indicating that not all “walks” are created equal. People that walked for 90 minutes in a wild,, natural area as oppose to to busy city areas, showed significantly decreased activity in the “rumination” region of the brain, which regulates obsessive, negative thoughts and emotions. Ongoing rumination is a critical factor in depression. Nature vs. city walks were found to be significantly more mentally restorative. Read more detailed results of the study HERE.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are derived directly from mother nature and known for their beneficial effects on our limbic and parasympathetic nervous system. On those cold, frightful city weather days when you are less likely to escape for a walk in nature, why not bring nature to your home? I have put together some recommendations for you below to use in your home diffuse that will sure relieve those “naturesick” blues.



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