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De-Stress at Work with Essential Oils

When you’re stressed at work and have no immediate access to spa services, why not stop and smell the flowers?  Aromatherapy is by far one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to relax the mind and uplift the […]

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Bring Nature Walks To City Home

John Muir, one of America’s most influential conservationists, once wrote that “going to the woods is going home. If you’ve ever emerged from a hike or camping trip with a clearer mind, you know exactly what Muir means. Nature has […]

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Sweet Surrender To All There Is
I knew the meaning of the word and I understood the concept behind it through {…}
There Is Why You Should Get Revolutionary Scan with Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation
When Personal Boundaries Get Blurry
It is no natural and […]

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Are you ready to Release what no longer serves you?

Are you in a mood for some Spring cleaning? I could not help but think how many of us are eager to get rid of clutter in our house space and clean out our closets while still holding on to […]

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Acceptance… a Beautiful Thing!

Imagine for a moment that you are a stage director. Your big day is here…  You know the script by heart, you set the stage with all the necessary props, the costumes are ready and looking better than ever, light […]

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Bon Voyage! 3 Must Have Essentials For Your Travels!

Ready, pack, go! Summer is a perfect season for travel whether you are taking a short road trip or boarding a plane to visit far away places. There is something about the warm weather that inspires us to explore new […]

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