[Note: I’m thinking about giving away something special. For FREE. It’s going to take some significant time to put together. I’m going to work hard to deliver this gift to you but I want to make sure you actually want it. More details at the bottom of the article.] So in my last post, I […]

Imagine for a moment that you are a stage director. Your big day is here… You know the script by heart, you set the stage with all the necessary props, the costumes are ready and looking better than ever, light and sound equipment is top qua lity, and all actors are seasoned performers. BUT, there […]

You are probably thinking that Skippy is a cute pet or a silly character. Well, it’s quite the opposite. I met Skippy in Virginia last weekend. There I was, excited and flabbergasted about my Groove facilitator training. I was surrounded by amazing people in a beautiful Salamander resort and doing what I love to do… DANCE! So, why […]

“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” Walt Disney Think back when you were a child. Were you playful? Joyful? Free spirited? Were you concerned what you looked like when you were dancing, spinning, splashing water on yourself or did you instead enjoy the feeling? As an early childhood teacher, I often had a privilege to watch […]

FREE access to this special online event where you will explore how to harmonize and energize your feelings with essential oils! Our feelings are everchanging as they continuously affect our thoughts, actions, mood, and attitude. Every minute, every hour, every day we are confronted with situations, circumstances, people, and life experiences that have a direct impact on the way we feel and […]

It is that time of the year upon us again…Time to share happy memorable moments with friends and favily while savoring delicious food. Here are some special holiday recipes that will bring an abundance of blissful fragrance to your holiday menu. Enjoy! CREAMY CHICKEN SPINACH TORTELLINI SOUP Servings: 6-8 Time: 30mins Difficulty: easy Print Ingredients: 2-3 cups of cooked, cubed chicken 1 […]

John Muir, one of America’s most influential conservationists, once wrote that “going to the woods is going home.” If you’ve ever emerged from a hike or camping trip with a clearer mind, you know exactly what Muir means. Nature has a way of providing comfort when you need it the most. It resets your thoughts, lifts […]

This may not be a typical question you ask an astrologist or read about in your daily horoscope column. However, it goes back to ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, Incas and others who profoundly believed that all of us are part of the same universal energy and composed of five essential elements: Space, Earth, Fire, Water, Air.  The […]

Missing a piece or two of your wellness business puzzle or don’t know where to start? I put together a FREE tool kit for you with ready to use strategies, resources, content ideas and more! If you want to build a profitable, vibrant, and successful wellness business with enticing online presence and engaging content you will find this FREE […]

Here is me and my dog Charlotte at the Hudson River Park enjoying a nice Autumn day! Charlotte is a huge fan of nature and grass is truly the next best thing to her after a peanut butter bone! She rolls, twirls, runs, chases squirrels and wild geese. Charlotte gets bugged by the fleas easily and I […]

Apparently, there is a lot going on in the stars these days! Regardless whether you believe in astrology or not, you must have heard about Mercury retrograde, which starts on September 17th and will be in effect until October 9th. What it means is that the Mercury appears to be goin backwards in the sky when it fact it simply “slows down”. Because Mercury is believed to […]