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About Me

Irina Gubenko

Founder of Fragrant Wellness, Holistic Certified Aromatherapist, Love & Relationships Coach, Tantra Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, and GROOVE Facilitator.

I have a successful history working with individual clients integrating my own knowledge with advanced bio-feedback technology to develop personalized wellness plans to help my clients achieve their ultimate health and wellness goals.  Personalized plans include therapeutic grade essential oils, customized products for overall well-being, self-care practices, motivational mantras, emotional shift practices, and lifestyle changes.

In professional Spa & Wellness industry, I train bodywork professionals and estheticians on proper uses and applications of essential oils in wellness rituals, massages, facials, and other spa treatments.

Another area of my expertise is love and relationships coaching with focus on self-love, personal development, heart centered living, and transforming “difficult” relationships with others into harmonious connections. I walk my clients through the steps of self discovery, guide them in tapping deep into the heart’s longings and desires and honoring all emotions while effectively expressing and communicating feelings, consequently building sustainable, meaningful, loving, and healthy relationship with self and others.

In my coaching work, I use essential oils that powerfully appeal to our emotions combined with techniques of behavioral & cognitive psychology, personal development, tantric teachings, self-inquiry, self-care rituals, and GROOVE method (therapeutic body movement). I believe that we are beautiful multi-dimensional beings and should be approached as such.

I have traveled the world, learning, and sharing the ancient wisdom of aromatherapy, self-discovery, and personal growth with others. I developed two online courses: Fragrance of Self Discovery and Aromas of Love & Intimacy, presented self-care techniques to doctors, wellness practitioners, corporate America, public education teachers and social emotional counselors that work with disadvantaged families, facilitated empowering women circles and feminine immersion retreats, GROOVE movement classes, and conducted workshops at wellness retreats across the United States. My other accomplishments include Marie Clair professional publications, TV talk show appearances, numerous speaking engagements at health and wellness fairs, and being featured as a keynote speaker at the Harvard University National Symposium for the Holistic Arts.

I have done a ton of emotional healing on myself (even though I never thought I needed any) through aromatherapy and personal growth tools. I opened up to forgiveness, having more fulfilling relationships with people in my life, which I never thought was possible. I am convinced that my personal journey led me to step fully into my power as a human being and unlocked my full potential that I needed to start living fully, manifesting the life of my dreams.

I pledge my life to serving LOVE and my path is clear. I have no doubts or hesitation about my purpose in life and because of that I know one thing for sure:

 You can have the life you desire and step into your full human power by accepting and loving yourself first and I would love to show you HOW….