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Three Powerful Ingredients for Creating the Life You Want

Turn your life into soulful connection with the divine, beautiful sister.

Whether you are in the process of creating meaningful shifts in your life, healing emotions or traumas, unlearning limiting beliefs, letting go of what no longer true to your heart be it a job, a relationship, a place to live, or achieving success, allow yourself to tap into universal power that is here to support you. Make your life and your every breath a prayer of love and devotion to your higher purpose and you will begin to witness the power of manifestation in your everyday life.

I am often asked to recommend specific practices that can help with achieving goals, attracting a soulmate, creating abundance, or embracing own self-worth and while there are many beautiful practices out there, the three core ingredients in creating the life you want are trust, rituals, and community.

I personally do not make resolutions or write long lists of what I need to accomplish. As year 2020 showed us, nothing is certain or guaranteed. Things can change any moment and we have to be able to adjust as needed or risk falling into a dark hole. This takes TRUST, beloved, trust in the unfolding of your path. Trust is a deeper knowing that everything happens for you at the time that it should and the way it was meant to be. Trust is a surrender of attachments and beliefs while being led by your own intuitive compass.

RITUALS are powerful spiritual practices through which we can access and release emotions, connect with energy of love and gratitude, and initiate shifts in our belief system. Rituals connect us with our true essence that is rooted within our senses and the five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and space.  It is through rituals that we access courage to show up for self and others. A simple act of lighting an incense before bedtime can transform your bedroom into a sacred space of peace and grounding. Rituals are quite powerful. They create patterns of greatest human capacities that emerged from our souls’ evolution to share, to chant, to sing, to dance, to see beauty, to imagine, to create, to be still, to quietly reflect, and to sense beyond what we see and hear.

Find your rituals tribe that empowers you to spread your wings and fly. We are social creatures, not meant to be alone or endure personal or collective struggles in isolation. Deep connections and sense of COMMUNITY are proven ways to reduce stress and alleviate feelings of sadness. When we open ourselves to others, we allow feel good hormones penetrate our nervous system promoting self-worth, cooperation, trust, and generosity. A true community is where we are seen for who we, free to feel and express, and where our vulnerable hearts feel safe to be.

My wish for you, beautiful woman, is to trust, love, create delicious rituals that nourish your heart, and connect with your soul tribe in 2021. Be with others in meaningful ways: eat, sing, dance, cry, and laugh together. Seek out nature, a universal source of transcending the self and find soulful rituals to connect with the divine, the source, God, universe…

In love alive,

Irina Devi

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