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The Big “O” in Women’s Sexual Health

Here are some thoughts on ladies’ orgasm…


I recently conducted a research on Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) as specified in DSM diagnosis under sexual dysfunction. Basically, it refers to a woman’s inability to experience orgasm all or most of the time. What I found interesting is the notion that unless there is a neurological or pharmacological interference in the body, the diagnosis of FOD falls short with no clear criteria.


The truth is, dear sisters, women are complex. Our bodies are divine vessels of expression, feelings, emotions, senses, and creativity. We are meant to live in harmony with nature, to explore our sensuality as a gateway of life, and it is our birthright. As the matter of fact, woman’s entire endocrine and nervous systems are erotically wired to receive pleasant sensations from the outside world. Clitoris along is the erogenous zone with 8,000 nerve endings that has a capacity to fire up multiple brain functions. Women are sensual beings designed to experience pleasure and sensuality. Our pleasure is so much more than intercourse and it does not even depend on the person we are with, it is about the love we hold for our true feminine essence, our body temple, our expressions…


We flourish when we feel free, when we feel loved, when we feel safe to open up to a partner. That’s when our hormones, emotions, and sexuality are synchronized like well-tuned musical instruments, in a perfect world that is…


What happens when a woman experiences sex abuse at an early age or trauma even as an adult, trapped in unhealthy or abusive relationship, have poor self-esteem or body image, identifies with ancestral suffering of women in her family, conditioned to believe that her body is made for someone else’s pleasure, compares herself with the perfect woman image that society projects through media, and is not aware or educated about the endless intelligence oh her own body? This is the exact reason why there are no clear diagnosis criteria for FOD. There are just too many sensitive factors at play to determine if there is even such dysfunction as Female Orgasmic Disorder. The society attempts to label everything to make sense of things, which is a patriarchal way of living in the world and which left a dense mark on our birthright to pleasure. It is time to reclaim it, beautiful woman.

Here are some encouraging research findings related to women’s ability to orgasm:

  • Not all women who had traumatic experiences or sex abuse develop FOD. Why? Because it largely depends on the meaning we attach to our experiences. Shifting our perceptions and thought patterns from anxiety, worry, or fear to more positive outlook on sexuality can definitely help. This is usually accomplished through therapy, support system, and conscious focused sexual practices.
  • There are natural herbs and flowery extracts that work well with woman’s physiological/sexual responses such as Russian olive extract.
  • Improved body awareness, self-pleasure practices, sex education, communication skills training (guiding the partner in giving the pleasure), and Keggel exercises/yoni egg practices increase women’s sexual desire and ability to orgasm.
  • When women are able to overcome cultural and religious limitations through practices of self-development and body awareness, they become more open to their sensory and sexual body sensations, psychological absorption, and sexual
  • Sexuality and spirituality are being linked together on a human experience scale.


So, your orgasm is in your hands, darling woman. You are not your thoughts, conditioning, societal expectations, past experiences, people opinions of you and it is up to you to embody this belief to create orgasmic shifts in your life. You can live a fulfilled life and enjoy pleasure without feeling ashamed. You can open up to your body’s wisdom to guide you and your partner without expecting others to know how to satisfy you!


Juicy talks on clitoris and G-spot are coming soon but for now…


Explore your body and your natural eroticism with my delicious self-love sensual guide for women that you are welcome to download for free HERE


It is your LIFE. It is your PLEASURE. It is your ORGASM. Be EMPOWERED.

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