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Is Loneliness a Dis-ease of a Big City Among Women?

Beautiful sister,
How are women connecting with each other where you are?
I am wondering if this is a “dis-ease” of a big city or world as a whole. Here in New York, despite the large population and incredible opportunities to connect with others, many of us are lonely. Women are engrossed in the home-work routine and those of us with children and families are oftentimes too busy to make time for self-care, to nurture our feminine. Single women, for the most part, make time for “me” care but still do not have many friends or social groups of women to connect with. I know this because I hear it all the time from clients, friends, and co-workers.

I find it very interesting because since the ancient times, it was a nourishing practice for women to get together to laugh and cry because it made them softer and more beautiful. We all love to be heard, seen, and understood. We enter the portal of time when we are together, connecting with one another, moving, bathing, massaging, dancing, nurturing each other and alleviating each other’s sorrows.

See, we are meant to have a balance of autonomy and belonging in our life. If there is too much autonomy, we might feel lonely. If there is too much belonging, we are risking losing our sense of self and wellbeing. Holding this awareness is very important for our emotional feminine health.

It is possible to create this balance in your daily reality, dearest sister…

I encourage you to make regular time for your favorite solo self-care practices and for your belonging, sit with your girlfriend dear, and allow her to share her stories, fears, and desires with a loving acceptance. Then, ask her to hold a space for your expressions and emotions. Create this beautiful opportunity for each other.

If you are in New York City area, I invite you to join our “La Femme Rose” monthly women temple gathering, which is about embracing the sacredness of our feminine hearts, creating harmony within self, connecting with others in our life in a meaningful way, spreading joy in the world, honoring ourselves as divine beings, accepting all parts of us, and healing in a space where our vulnerable souls feel safe to be, where we come together to empower and nourish each other.


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