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Home » General » Health & Wellness Lifestyle: Reawakening to Intimacy

Health & Wellness Lifestyle: Reawakening to Intimacy

Interview & discussion with Irina Gubenko, Certified Aromatherapist and Love & Relationships and Dr. Natalya Fazylova, Board Certified Doctor in Adult Health and Integrative Medicine on her publication “Fifty Shades of Not So Great” from her #1 International Bestseller Health and Wellness for Busy Women.

Tips on increasing and stimulating sexual appetite, hormonal changes, aging, nutrition, and other factors that influence arousal libido, techniques for reigniting the spark with a partner,

In depth exploration of essential oils of therapeutic qualities, ways essential oils affect physiology and emotions, deep dive into 4 most popular essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, their benefits, and application methods, easy DIY essential oils recipes for activating sensuality, essential oils ritual for keeping sensual energy alive when single OR reawakening to intimacy with a partner…

Video: Health & Wellness Lifestyle: Reawakening to Intimacy with Aromatherapy

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