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Plant Your Dreams…It’s Time!

Happy Spring Equinox and official first day of Spring!
Looks like a blossoming Spring is taking it’s precious time to arrive (at least here in NYC). We are about to endure yet another snow storm while mother nature is propelling to embrace her natural cycle of seasonal change.
But soon… very soon the sun will shine bright and our soul’s aspirations, desires, dreams will be reborn. I always feel that Spring is another chance to get back on track with new year’s goals and resolutions if you happened to fall off track.
Until then, be gentle and patient with yourself dear friend… Mercury, a guiding planet of communication is in retrograde until April 15th. This is a natural slow down phenomena that occurs 3-4 times a year that is often given a bad rep. During this time, we are being asked reflect, to get clear on what we want to create in the upcoming season, make space for new growth by decluttering both our physical surroundings and personal consciousness. The blockages of heavier energies filled with hurt, struggle, old conditioning, and limiting beliefs are being shaken loose.
New beginnings are on their way. Are you ready to receive them?
I put together some quick and easy relaxation rituals to help you through periods of confusion, miscommunications, frustration, stress, tension, and whatever needs to be released during this important transitional period and Mercury retrograde cycle so you can ease into what is.
“I’ve talked many times about the importance of ceremony and ritual, in order to mark the most critical transitions of our personal stories. Ceremonies are intended to carry you safely through your changes (happy or sad, welcome or tragic) and to make sure that you don’t get lost between one chapter of your life and the next. If you skip the ceremony, sometimes it’s difficult to process the transformation.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love
Namaste and fragrant Spring blessings to you!  

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