Carol Leitner
Irina Gubenko did a magnificent presentation for my holistic health students. She is super passionate about Young Living Essential Oils and also super-knowledgeable about them! Her presentation was organized, thorough and engaging. I and the audience loved it and her!! We could not ask for a better presenter and expert in this important field of holistic health!!
Carol Leitner / PAWTV.org
Deborah Powers
There's a wealth of info here! Anyone who is interested in living a better quality of life, and developing or maintaining peace, harmony, and emotional well being should check it out! Irina is a health and wellness expert who is committed to sharing what she knows so that others can be educated about the power of oils! I've learned a lot! Thank you Irina...
Deborah Powers
Ellza Bellezza
The knowledge and love you receive is exceptional. You cannot wait for the next meeting. Irina’s guidance with the unique essential oils is helping me through a very challenging health period. Thank you Irina and Young Living Essential Oils.
Ellza Bellezza / Licensed Aesthetician at Mzia Shiman Spa